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Branding, co-marketing, guidelines


Raising the Bars

Visa asked us to create the platform for the reintroduction of their historic brand mark as well as a system for its use. From there we updated their co-marketing guidelines—built around a new framework—to guide their internal team, and third-party vendors, on how and when to best apply their brand.



By reintroducing Visa’s original brand mark, honoring it’s proportions and core colors, and extending how it’s used, we simultaneously embraced Visa’s heritage while looking forward to a bright future.


V Icon

Just like Visa’s brand mark is recognized and trusted world-wide, we introduced a new V icon for their digital world. It’s Visa’s fingerprint on all digital products and touchpoints, and signifies their state-of-the-art, secure experiences.


Events, Sponsorhips & merch

We developed an “On-Time” framework to guide the use of Visa brand elements that also allowed for flexibility in implementation. This gives Visa the ability to demonstrate great range while branding events, sponsorships, and merchandise, whether they are in a leading, shared, or supporting role.


Agency: Platform