Strategy, Branding, Packaging, Design, Illustration

Intrigue Chocolate Co.

Branding, packaging, and design for Intrigue Chocolate Co.

INTRIGUE 04-warm.jpg

every flavor tells a story

Intrigue Chocolate Co. needed a new identity that communicated they had grown into a world-class chocolatier. We worked with them to tell their story and craft every aspect of their brand. We renamed them, reshaped their truffles, developed custom packaging, and designed their in-store experience.



Because French truffles are temperature sensitive, we custom designed an air-insulated showpiece box complete with an accent ribbon that lifts the truffles out in a curated order. We also designed an easy to navigate labeling system for their chocolate and non-chocolate products.



For their store and tasting room we worked with Olson Kundig to plan their space. We helped source and design interior furniture and finishes, and hired local Sign Painter, Sean Barton, for the hand-appointed signage.


Agency: Headquarters – Product Photography: Charity Burggraaf